Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Pink, Blue, Purple are such beautiful color combinations. It makes me happy just seeing them washed together. When I would design the recipes for each flower bed at Thanksgiving Point Gardens, I loved using these cool colors and then pop them with a complimentary color. Look how the lime buds pop next to this pink and green leaf. 
 This photo shows how repetition and contrast makes color sing. These coral freesia with the yellow centers look electric. But the blue in the background complements the yellow mass, and it brings the blue value out in the coral petals.
 I love the warm gold tones on the older petals of this hydrangea. It warms the edges of each flower and acts like a mat around a beautiful painting.

 The lime on the baby flowers and in the bottom left plant makes the pink look even more vibrant and pure.

 This photo shows how warm and cool pink add depth to the planting. I love the blue overlay in the bottom flower repeated in the top right flower head.

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