Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A water feature is one of the first elements of landscape design that fascinated me . When I was 15 years old I dug out a small kidney shape pool in my mom's back yard. I studied the rules and  took advice on how to make a pool. I have designed and made many pools over the years. I enjoy a formal koi pond in my own garden. But the one thing I do not like is pool spring cleaning. Removing all the stagnant  water and debris is always more work than the year before. Maybe it is just the fact that I am one year older, all I know is,  I like the project less each year.
The bottom of the pond pictured is a gravel over pond liner installation. This is not the best or most effective surface. The waste and organic matter is hard to clean out of the rocks, After all of the heavy lifting and dirty work, it is nice to sit back, enjoy the view and relax.
This is a large water surface when it is full and up and running. The wild ducks love to sneak in each spring and try and set up nesting. Ducks and ponds really do not mix. At least pools without good filters. I spend many mornings chasing ducks out of the garden. A formal swimming pool is just a few step up the hill, I refuse to let the ducks into the swimming pool. 
One year a hen hatched 7 ducklings out and they enjoyed the garden. Soon enough they found a way into the swimming pool. They could get in but not out of it. I made floating islands and stairs for the babies to leave the water. 

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  1. I remember the water feature in your back yard! I was so envious of you and your ability to visualize things of beauty and making them happen. You have always inspired me.